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NEOS Casting Underway

Team J’s Bjorn Munson helped in casting the project “NEOS” this
weekend. Dozens of actors, most first seen at Stonehenge, showed up to
read for WorkinSync Productions’ turbo-charged short film best
described as “CSI meets 24.”

National Film Challenge Completed!

The National Film Challenge (NFC), a similar competion to the 48 Hour
Film Project, happened this weekend. Once again, Team J’s Bjorn Munson
worked with Tohubohu Productions—this
time in the capacity of executive producer. The genre was sci-fi (at
last!, at last!), and the film (soon to be available online) is right
in line with the political season as a campaign appearance by an
up-and-comer takes a turn for the weird—sci-fi style.

Stonehenge IV Proves to be the Biggest Henge Yet

This past Saturday, approximately 30 assorted filmmakers, production companies and casting professionals collected over 130 headshots and resumes from eager actors with 122 having a chance to audition. We’ve already learned of dozens of actors getting calls for potential projects. We also have a new “speed” record for an actor getting a job out of Stonehenge. One gentleman was called in for voiceover work on Sunday—less than 24 hours after he auditioned!

As always, Stonehenge was successful thanks to a very hardworking Team J:
Sean Clark, Heather Cormeau, Kim Davenport, Hugo del Granado, Meredith
Sims, and Andy Spivey were the main event crew, with Barry Schmetter of
Lost Pilgrim Productions on camera. Vanessa Hranitz and Neil Sorenson
helped on the web side of things with Roy Quini and Kakupacal again
tweaking and redesigning graphics. The event was produced by Bjorn
Munson of Team J, who also served as stage manager for the day.
Finally, thanks to our sponsor: the DC Film Alliance.

Stonehenge IV Countdown Begins! Filmmaker Registration Opens!

The word is out via listservs, professional forums, and various emails:
filmmaker registration has now opened for Stonehenge IV. The
registration fee goes up after September 16, so register early! We are
pleased to offer registration fee discounts to members of Shooting
People (SP), Women in Film and Video (WIFV), and the DC Film Salon.

Actors have also received word about Stonehenge IV. Now the countdown begins to Sunday, September 17 at 6pm when actor registration opens.

Stonehenge Research Ends. Stonehenge IV Coming Soon!

Thanks to all the actors and filmmakers who responded to Team J’s email
survey, the end of a couple months of research and interviews with
industry folks directly and indirectly involved with Stonehenge. Not
only did we get a great response overall, many people took the time to
give thoughtful answers and suggestions. This has been very valuable
for us in planning for this Stonehenge and for the future and we
appreciate it. Remember, Stonehenge IV will be on Saturday, September
30. Actor registration opens Sunday, September 17 at 6pm, and filmmaker
registration will open before the end of August.

Stonehenge III has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Over 100 actors were seen by a record number of local filmmakers (45+)
for our debut henge at the Warehouse Theater. We’ve already heard from
several actors who’ve gotten several calls and hope to see many of them
in the upcoming 48 Hour Film Project. Thanks to all the actors and
filmmakers who attended.

In addition, we would like to note the Team J staff who helped keep the
event running smoothly: Julianne Brienza, Vanessa Hranitz, Brian Robert
Fricke, Peggy Long, Brenda Madrigal, Meredith Sims, Andy Spivey, and
stage managed by Bjorn Munson. Equipment was provided by Flashpoint,
Washington Improv Theatre, and Arlington Independent Media. Barry
Schmetter and Caron Lee of Lost Pilgrim Productions served as our video
team, Roy Quini designed another fun iteration of the “Stonehenge” logo
and the whole event was sponsored by the DC Film Salon.

Stonehenge III this Saturday! Tuesday Actor Session Cancelled.

In less than five days, over 100 actors will audition in front of over
40 local filmmakers and media producers. It’s Stonehenge III!
Unfortunately, the session—tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 4/18—for
actors to hear from local filmmakers about what they’re looking for in
auditions has been cancelled. We hope to bring it back for Stonehenge

Stonehenge Filmmaker Registration Opens! Discounts Added!

Registration is now open for indie filmmakers and related media
companies that want to see over 100 actors audition just one month from
today. In addition, we’re pleased to offer a $5 discount to confirmed
members of the DC Film Salon and participants of the DC 48 Hour Film
Project. Register and prepay via PayPal and it’s only $15!

We’ve also added what will hopefully be the first of several discounted services to help you prepare for Stonehenge. Check out Discounts.

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