Over 100 actors were seen by a record number of local filmmakers (45+)
for our debut henge at the Warehouse Theater. We’ve already heard from
several actors who’ve gotten several calls and hope to see many of them
in the upcoming 48 Hour Film Project. Thanks to all the actors and
filmmakers who attended.

In addition, we would like to note the Team J staff who helped keep the
event running smoothly: Julianne Brienza, Vanessa Hranitz, Brian Robert
Fricke, Peggy Long, Brenda Madrigal, Meredith Sims, Andy Spivey, and
stage managed by Bjorn Munson. Equipment was provided by Flashpoint,
Washington Improv Theatre, and Arlington Independent Media. Barry
Schmetter and Caron Lee of Lost Pilgrim Productions served as our video
team, Roy Quini designed another fun iteration of the “Stonehenge” logo
and the whole event was sponsored by the DC Film Salon.