Stonehenge IV Proves to be the Biggest Henge Yet

Posted on October 2, 2006 by admin

This past Saturday, approximately 30 assorted filmmakers, production companies and casting professionals collected over 130 headshots and resumes from eager actors with 122 having a chance to audition. We’ve already learned of dozens of actors getting calls for potential projects. We also have a new “speed” record for an actor getting a job out of Stonehenge. One gentleman was called in for voiceover work on Sunday—less than 24 hours after he auditioned!

As always, Stonehenge was successful thanks to a very hardworking Team J:
Sean Clark, Heather Cormeau, Kim Davenport, Hugo del Granado, Meredith
Sims, and Andy Spivey were the main event crew, with Barry Schmetter of
Lost Pilgrim Productions on camera. Vanessa Hranitz and Neil Sorenson
helped on the web side of things with Roy Quini and Kakupacal again
tweaking and redesigning graphics. The event was produced by Bjorn
Munson of Team J, who also served as stage manager for the day.
Finally, thanks to our sponsor: the DC Film Alliance.