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Stonehenge Actor Registration to Open 8pm, Sunday, 3/26

Stonehenge III, the mass casting project, will occur on Saturday, April
22 from 10am until 5pm at the Warehouse Theater in Washington, DC.
There will be 120 regular audition slots and 72 waitlist slots. To be
as efficient and fair as possible, audition slots are available on a
first-come, first-served basis. To further make the registration fair,
registration will not open until 8pm, Sunday, March 26. In the
meantime, please let any interested actors know.

We’re Here! Woo Hoo!

Folks may be more caught up in St. Patrick’s Day festivities–but still, the New Team J site (designed by Kakupacal)
is here and it is stylin’. For those of you looking for, that site will soon be found under “Productions.”
It is indeed a frabjous day.

Stonehenge III Time and Location Announced!

After some finagling, we have a venue and a firm date for Stonehenge
III, the mass audition for indie film & video. If you’re a filmmaker or casting director…or if you’re an actor looking to impress those folks, please join us on Saturday, April 22 at the Warehouse Theater in DC–right next to the new Convention Center!

P.S. Yes, we were waiting all week to find an excuse to use the word “finagling”

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