Archive: April, 2007

Happy SAG Actor Update for 48HFP

Posted on 04/20/07 by admin

The 48 producers have reached a new agreement with SAG, meaning that once again, 48 teams can use SAG actors. There are some changes to the agreement compared to last year, so be sure to check it out all the info here:

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Stonehenge 5 Wrap-Up

Posted on 04/11/07 by admin

Stonehenge V marked our third time at the Warehouse Theater. 120 actors were seen by over 50 filmmakers representing over two dozen companies. As with all henges, this came about thanks to the help of a great many people whom we would like to thank here: Thanks to Vanessa Hranitz of IT Girl for database […]

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All Confirmation Messages Sent! Headshot Count is 38.

Posted on 04/05/07 by admin

We’ve been able to send all the second confirmation messages to actors in record time. So expect that message shortly in your inbox, or, if your email program is over-zealous, your spam filter. (If you haven’t gotten an email from us, make sure that is in your address book or “good list” before you […]

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Actors: Reminders for this Saturday’s Stonehenge

Posted on 04/01/07 by admin

Note: All of this is covered on some level in the Actor FAQ, which is on the website. This does not replace the second confirmation email you will receive at the end of this week. #1: Let us Know if you Won’t Show. We’re looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday, however, statistically speaking, […]

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