Stonehenge 5 Wrap-Up

Posted on April 11, 2007 by admin

Stonehenge V marked our third time at the Warehouse Theater. 120 actors were seen by over 50 filmmakers representing over two dozen companies.

As with all henges, this came about thanks to the help of a great many people whom we would like to thank here:

Thanks to Vanessa Hranitz of IT Girl for database programming as well as Sam Brown, Sean Clark, Daniel Fiorito, Lee Perna, Tricia McCauley, Barry Schmetter, Meredith Sims, Liz Smith, Jackie Steven, and Mary Ann Sust for testing the new database. Roy Quini also did a new version of the Stonehenge logo.

Kelley Slagle and the nice folks at the Actor’s Center helped spread the word and help find volunteers as did Barry Gribble and Integral Arts. We also thank the help of WIFV, ITVA-DC, and the 48 Hour Film Project for putting the word out about the event.

The steadfast check-in crew consisted of Kim Davenport, Meredith Sims, and Andy Spivey. They were assisted by some wonderful resume wranglers: Francis Abbey, Betty Entzminger, Susan Franks, Loren Hankin, Joy Haynes, Barbara McLeod, Sophia Medley, Gale Nemec, and Chinyere Walker. Barry Gribble and Kevin Good of Integral Arts were on camera, and the guy with the stopwatch was Bjorn Munson.

We are still working out the dates for the next Stonehenge, but please check this blog for the latest updates. Thank you.