352 actors registered for the lottery in hopes of getting a slot at the next Stonehenge. There are only 192 spaces–so a little more than half of you should now be polishing up your monologues.

Actors with a guaranteed or standby space were sent an individual email. Actors on the waitlist or who were not selected will be sent a general email. If you need more information about the four different statuses, check the FAQ.

Because “Lottery Results” is a phrase unfortunately sometimes used in the subject lines of spam emails, look for “Stonehenge VI Actor Selection” in the subject line.

Remember this is a lottery–actors’ names were drawn at random from the pool of 352 and assigned slots in the order they were drawn. Actors were placed in timeslots if there was space available. If guaranteed space was not available, actors were given the closest available timelot so long as it did not conflict with stated restrictions. After that, all the standby spaces filled up.

If you are unable to attend during your timeslot, please let us know as soon as possible at stonehenge@teamjabberwocky.com. We’re happy to move you to a new timeslot, but that will mean being on standby for that new timeslot as all available spaces are filled.

As will be mentioned in your email, actors MUST arrive 15 minutes before their assigned timeslot for check-in or they forfeit their space. Plan on bringing AT LEAST 40 headshots/resumes. The exact number will be sent a day or two before the event.

Check back as this blog for regular updates.


Stonehenge VI is a production of Team Jabberwocky in association with Integral Arts and Tohubohu Productions.