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Stonhenge Registration Update: Possible Hotmail Issue


We’ve heard from a number of actors who were concerned that they didn’t get the auto-confirmation email. The only thing these actors have in common is a hotmail account.

We know through testing that the email is being sent, so it’s a question of why it’s not getting there. If you do not receive an auto-confirmation email within the hour you register, it may have been caught by your spam filter. If you can check, please do so. If you cannot check, or you do not see the auto-confirmation email, please drop us a line at and we’ll see if your registration has been added to the database.

2008 Stonehenge Dates Announced!

There will be at least three henges this year in three locations: DC, Maryland, and most likely Virginia.

The dates are:

March 29th in Washington DC

May 18th in Baltimore, MD

September 20th (or 27th) in Arlington VA (or DC)

You can learn more about the schedule in the Stonehenge section of the site.

We’ve also updated the actor’s info and FAQ to explain the new lottery system.


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