Stonehenge VIII Completed

Posted on June 1, 2009 by admin

Thanks to all the actors and filmmakers who attended the latest edition of Stonehenge this Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland.

We had over 60 filmmakers in attendance representing over 20 production companies.

Thanks to all the conscientious actors who, unable to attend, sent us a quick email canceling their slots. We were able to give every single actor on the waitlist an audition slot, and every actor who came on Sunday, standby or no, was able to audition if they wanted (and, of course, 99% wanted to audition).

As always, the event was thanks to the work of a great many people. Kristen Anchor and the Creative Alliance team helped us out in myriad ways both before and during the event. Bill Coughlan from Tohubohu Productions helped out with graphics. Barry Gribble and Erin Goldstein from Integral Arts handled the camerawork. They will also be editing the 50+ audition videos that will be posted to our Stonehenge YouTube Channel at the end of the month.

Actors have Kim Davenport and Meredith Sims to thank for checking them in and Donald Barnett, Gabrielle Hayes, Lisa MacDonald, Gale Nemec, Lee Perna, and Ann Rowe for distributing their resumes. The guy with the stopwatch was Bjorn Munson.

Most of all, thanks to all you actors coming out to audition and filmmakers joining us. Please let us know about future productions you may have been involved in thanks to Stonehenge. We hope to see many of you in the Fall for Stonehenge IX.