For all those peeps who have been waiting (and we do understand there have been some people waiting), Stonehenge registration is open for actors.

As always, we suggest actors check out the exhaustive FAQ for answers to all sorts of questions.

For actors interested in attending this latest Stonehenge, we encourage you to register sooner rather than later before you forget. Actor registration has a hard stop at 6pm on Saturday, August 29. And although audition slots are assigned by lottery, you have better odds of getting a slot than any game of chance out there.

Let us explain: in addition to the 120 guaranteed slots, there’s 72 standby slots PLUS a waitlist. (we won’t say how many people will be on the waitlist, but it’s double digits, and it’s a prime number because, well, we like prime numbers). Suffice to say it’s more than 200 spaces and on average, 300 of you register.

200+ openings for 300-some actors is good, but it gets better.

This past Stonehenge, every single actor on the waitlist got an actual audition slot. Moreover, at the event, every single actor, guaranteed or standby, who wanted to audition, auditioned. We’re not saying this will happen this time, but this is how is does happen:  actors, such as yourselves, are conscientious and email us before the event and cancel. Life happens and every Stonehenge, actors have to cancel for good reasons (a paying gig) and bad (horribly sick). Whenever someone cancels, space opens up. It’s karma at work.

Again, 200+ spaces for the 300 actors who register on average.

We look forward to seeing you at the Henge!