Stonehenge XII Actor Registration Opens

Posted on August 28, 2010 by admin

In case you’re not signed up to our twitter feed (, you may not realize that actor registration for Stonehenge XII (12 for you non-Romans out there) is open!

We will once again be at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson. However, henge veterans should note that we will be going on for an extra hour until 6pm this time. We’ve noticed a strange thing happen in Baltimore: actors seem to peter out in some of the last timeslots, so if you are one of the actors with a standby slot near the end of the day, definitely plan to attend. You’ll probably get to audition! (This guess is null and void if all of you actually read and do this (-: ).

Also, for you regular blog readers (are there any?), we’ll be premiering a series of insider tips for both actors and filmmakers next week leading up to Stonehenge.

In the meantime, if you’re an actor, remember you must register online by Saturday, September 11th and 6pm to be eligible for the lottery. There are no walk-ins.

Tell all your actor friends that we hope to see them at the henge!