Stonehenge Lottery Results Sent, Plus Some Reminders

Posted on September 13, 2010 by admin

Almost 300 actors registered for slots at our Fall Stonehenge in Baltimore. We were very excited to see so many actors new to Stonehenge registering (and getting audition slots), so in part we want to share a few reminders.

First, everyone who registered received an email telling them whether they had an audition slot or not. If, for some reason, you did not receive an email, please check your spam filter. If you still find nothing, give us a shout at

Secondly–and this is something we’ve found is peculiar to our Charmhenges aka henges in Baltimore–is that our our actors drop off in the afternoon. We’re not about to allow walk-ins, we’d just suggest the existing stand-bys be a bit more patient. Naturally, if all of you follow this advice, some of you still won’t audition, but before you all go into wondering if this is reverse psychology or reverse reverse psychology–we just think you should show up.

That leads to our final point, which is to definitely let us know if you can’t make it. Just shoot a quick email to and let us know you have to cancel. You don’t need to give a reason and actors can and do email us the day of–as emergencies can be sudden.

Remember, if you have a guaranteed space and don’t let us know, you get on the Mud List, which means you don’t get to audition at any Stonehenge for three years. Nowadays, that means missing out on nine (9) Stonehenge, an average of 180 different filmmakers, and an average of 450 roles being cast.

Go for the good karma and send us an email. We’ll see you at a future henge!