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DeLeon Crossing wins TIVA Peer Awards!

Posted on 12/05/11 by admin

This year, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the 48 Hour Film Project, local industry group TIVA gave 48 founder Mark Ruppert a special award–and also added a special one-time 48 series of categories for their annual Peer Awards. Well, being very proud of our little short, DeLeon Crossing, so we jumped at the […]

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National Film Challenge Here to Scratch Film Competition Itch

Posted on 09/16/11 by admin

For many a local filmmaker, it’s a rub that the 48 Hour Film Project comes but once a year (though we suppose some do Baltimore and Richmond as well). 48HFP realized that and launched the National Film Challenge as an antidote to Fall Film Loss Seasonal Disorder (FFLSD). Now run by some energetic folks out […]

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Make sure you’re ready for your Media Closeup

Posted on 09/02/11 by admin

Odds are, many of you reading this news blog are actors, filmmakers, or other creative types. And odds are, that if all goes well, your hard work will be rewarded by some coverage by the press. Quinn McDonald has penned an excellent article that serves as checklist to make sure you’re ready to face the […]

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Team J Helps Create Judging System for Local Festival

Posted on 08/29/11 by admin

While we continue to work on upgrading the new Team J website — to say nothing of our business — we’re very pleased to announce Team J has found the time to do a whole new type of consulting. Version 2.0 of our website mentioned that Team J offered “cinema support services.” It was a […]

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Article on Stonehenge, Casting, & Bjorn

Posted on 08/13/11 by admin

Ty Ford penned a very nice article about Stonehenge, the impact it’s had on the DMV filmmaking community in the latest edition of the TIVA-DC newsletter. It also has some information about approaches to casting in general and Team J CEO, Bjorn Munson. So, if you haven’t checked out your copy yet, check your mailbox, […]

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Stonehenge XIII YouTube Videos are Online!

Posted on 05/29/11 by admin

Well, er, that pretty much explains it all. Over 75 new Stonehenge videos have been added to our YouTube channel, featuring all the actors who agreed to be taped at our latest Stonehenge in April. There are now over 500 videos of DMV actors online as a casting resource for you! Enjoy.

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Stonehenge has been discontinued

Posted on 05/07/11 by admin

As part of that company reorganization, Team Jabberwocky is discontinuing Stonehenge, its mass casting service connecting actors with filmmakers. Because of this decision, the next Henge originally planned for June of this year has been cancelled and no future Henges are scheduled. All of us here at at Team J are very happy we have […]

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Stonehenge XIII: Thanks!

Posted on 04/18/11 by admin

Stonehenge XIII was our biggest Henge ever! We slept in. Thanks to everyone who attended Stonehenge yesterday… and an extra big thanks to the Team during the event: Andy, Ann, Bill, Bjorn, Brooks, Colin, Gale, John, Lee, Lisa, Marzi, Meredith, Nick, Phil, Rita, Richard, Roberto, Samantha, and Tac. Pre-event help was provided by Anya, Kim, […]

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We’re Blushing

Posted on 04/08/11 by admin

We’re just a couple days away from the first pre-Henge and a little over a week away from the next Stonehenge and we get this very nice article about Stonehenge from filmmaker, vlogger, and now, apparently WUSA correspondent, Francis Abbey. Thanks, Francis!    

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Stonehenge XIII Actor Registration Open!

Posted on 03/22/11 by admin

It’s alive! It’s alive! Okay, not really, but Stonehenge actor registration is open for this, the thirteenth edition of everyone’s favorite mass audition for film and video. Remember, you only have two weeks to register–and you can register at any time since selection is by lottery. However, in our experience, it’s best to register early […]

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