Team J Website 3.0 Launched!

Posted on March 12, 2012 by admin

We are proud to debut the new, shiny, Web 2.0-friendly version of the Team J website.

This new format makes it much easier for us to update content, add sections, and integrate with our other sites (like Jabberwocky Audio Theater) as well as that them thar social media a few of you appear to use.

For those of you truly interested, this would be version 3.0 of the Team J web site. Version 1.0 premiered in 2005 with the founding of Team Jabberwocky and the conviction that we didn’t want to organize Stonehenge solely by email (as had, incredibly, been the case for Stonehenge I).

Version 2.0 debuted in March 2006 and was designed by Kakupacal. The fun, playful site perfectly captured Team J’s ethos and lasted until May this year, when we used the occasion of discontinuing Stonehenge to take down the main site until now.

We should note that the movement to the new WordPress format does mean that many of the links previously listed in this news blog’s entries will be inaccurate. Some pages have been permanently retired. However, we do hope you all find the new site easy to navigate. Let us know what you think!