Archive: October, 2012

Casting Notes #7: Processing all the Actor Submissions (For Filmmakers)

Posted on 10/17/12 by admin

This 20-part series, written by Team J’s Bjorn Munson, covers the lessons learned during the casting of The Broken Continent web series pilot in 2012. You can find the full Table of Contents in Part 1. This series is meant to help other independent filmmakers, primarily those who are casting a large ensemble (10+ speaking parts, multiple background actors, […]

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Book Review: To Be or Wanna Be by Sean Pratt

Posted on 10/05/12 by admin

(Note: Team J chief Bjorn Munson has had the opportunity to read a new book by a local author.  We’re including it here as it might be of interest to regular Stonehenge attendees, so don’t expect book reviews to become a regular feature.) I’m not sure what this bodes for the local theater and film […]

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