Stonehenge Casting: Actors, Get Ready for your Update

Posted on April 23, 2013 by admin

Now that version 0.2 of Stonehenge Casting is online, we thought we’d take a moment and mention: if you’re actor with a profile at SC, your job isn’t over yet. Regular updates from you are part of the plan.

Producers are using Stonehenge Casting as their online filing cabinet. After over a dozen Stonehenge auditions, many producers confessed to us that they didn’t do the best job of keeping all the collected print headshots and resumes organized pristinely.

Yes, we know some actors would prefer spending their money on headshot duplication or overpriced printer ink, but producers have told us that being able to organize your profiles into e-folders is very convenient. And luckily, it’s convenient for you as well.

You see, whenver you update your profile, it’s not only updated for one producer, it’s updated for them all, in whatever folders they have you in.

From the Stonehenge Casting FAQ, you’ll know we suggest updating your profile on a regular basis, really whenever you are changing your resume or headshot. However, as we’re expanding the searchable fields within Stonehenge Casting, you’ll find you may want or need to update your information after each release.

In fact, some of you might be getting emails from our staff in the coming weeks about just that.

While we can’t promise we’ll always examine each actor’s profile in turn (there’s close to 1,000 of you now), we’ll do our best to point out how to improve your profile to show up more accurately in searches. It helps you and it helps the producers.

But it all starts with you periodically updating your profile, just as you update your headshot and resume from time to time. In fact, as we add features to Stonehenge Casting, you’ll find you’ll want and may even need to tweak your profile.

So take note whenever there’s an update to the site. That’s an excellent time to give your profile a once over.