We’re thrilled that over 1,000 of you all have joined Stonehenge Casting since it launched on April 1st this year… and we fully expect to see some of you in the upcoming season of House of Cards.

However, we understand that several actors are having trouble with resizing their headshot. For that, we’ve added a handy guide for how to re-size your headshot. However, more troubling are some anecdotes of actors not wanting to re-size their headshots or thinking it’s “not their job.”

The only casting directors who don’t appreciate the smaller headshot size emailed to them are:

  1. Dead.
  2. In a coma (medically induced or otherwise).
  3. Being far too nice — which ends the first time their email is jammed full of inconsiderate actors sending multiple 5mb headshots (or if they ever try and open your headshot on a mobile device).

Guess how many headshots are getting emailed to the fine folks trying to cast you in House of Cards?

So here’s the tough love portion: If you are an actor, your job, now and for the rest of recorded time, is to know how to resize your headshot or find someone who can.

We’re well into the 21st century and further still into the age of computers. Analog isn’t coming back. As with any other job in the modern economy, actors have to be reasonably tech-savvy. Your age is no excuse. Your dislike of technology is no excuse. For every actor who thinks they don’t need to know this, there are at least 10 –if not dozens– who are happy to learn.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because we said it last year.

All of those tips on submitting have a common theme: making the casting director’s job easier. Resizing your headshot is just one step you can take in removing unnecessary barriers from you getting the acting job you want.

If you have to have a friend or relative help you with resizing your headshot, go right ahead, but don’t forget: you’re the one who’s responsible for making it happen.