Archive: April, 2014

Stonehenge Casting: Look for version 0.3 in the month of May!

Posted on 04/30/14 by admin

Given the April Showers we’ve been getting, those flowers better be impressive. On the happier side of things (for us anyway), we’re very hopeful that the work we’ve been putting into the next version of Stonehenge Casting will put you in a mood, if not exactly the same as receiving a bouquet of flowers, at […]

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In Remembrance: Colin Heichman

Posted on 04/28/14 by admin

One of the highlights of running Team J is working with the many talented people who have been part of the team over the years. That makes all the sadder to report that we’ve confirmed Colin Heichman passed away earlier this month on April 15, 2014 Colin’s work for Team J benefitted hundreds of people who […]

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The Next Version of Stonehenge Casting is Coming. Plus Workshops!

Posted on 04/09/14 by admin

We should be able to announce the release of version 0.3 of Stonehenge Casting, Team J’s electronic filing cabinet and casting tool, before the end of this month. In the meantime, Team J’s Bjorn Munson has been talking with groups about conducting seminars and workshops in the DMV in conjunction with some of the area’s […]

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