If you’re on the Team J mailing list, you already know this, but for everyone else: Stonehenge XIV (or 14, if you prefer) will be on Monday, September 28th at the Source Theater in Washington, DC — and actor registration is now open!

This year, Team J is partnering with Women in Film and Video (WIFV) to bring this in-person event back. They’re handling the producer registration, so feel free to direct producer friends that way.

120 actors will audition to dozens of producers in this popular mass audition. Do you want to be one of them?

If you’re an actor who wants to attend, you’ll need to create a free profile on Stonehenge Casting. Not only that, your profile must be 100% complete to be eligible.

The audition slots will be selected by lottery as in years past, because historically 300-400 actors are trying to get the 120 guaranteed slots (when we did it first-come, first-served, slots filled up in 8 minutes or less).

Don’t delay: Actor Registration closes by Saturday, September 12th and the actor profile is thorough.

For more information, including a completely revised FAQ, pop over to the Stonehenge 14 information page… and when you’re ready go over to Stonehenge Casting and register.