Actor registration opened up for Stonehenge XIV last week and we’ve had a bunch of actors register.

But so far, less than half have followed the submission directions — which means, in most cases, that those actors won’t get to audition!

(We’re hoping all of you actors caught that last bit.)

There’s still time for you to register for the Stonehenge Audition OR to correct your submission. We want all of you to have a chance to be seen.

However, you have to complete your submission by this Saturday, September 12 to be eligible for the lottery.

(Just like all but the first Stonehenge Auditions, actors get assigned timeslots per random lottery).

So we’re going to repeat some of the information on the project submission page, the Stonehenge Casting FAQ and elsewhere here. If you’re an actor, these are the steps you need to take to be sure to be in the lottery for Stonehenge XIV:

Create a profile on Stonehenge Casting
It’s free and it’s required. Several producers will only be viewing your headshot and resume electronically at the Auditions, which leads us to:

Make sure your profile is 100% Complete
This is a requirement to be eligible for the Stonehenge Auditions lottery and the one most actors are missing.

There’s a handy bar that displays at the right of each page of the actor/performer profile.

Completion Percentage

The completion percentage is different from the required fields and does not mean you need to fill out every last field in the profile.

As mentioned in the submission instructions, the Stonehenge Casting FAQ about Completion percentage lists all the fields you need to fill out to make your profile 100%. Again, those are:

Basic Information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Screen/Stage Name (Yes OR No)

Projects and Preferences

  • Logline
  • Types of Work
  • Types of Compensation

Contact Information

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Telephone Type
  • ZIP code
  • State
  • City


  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Races or Ethnicities
  • Age Range
  • ALL Measurements (put N/A in any that don’t apply to you)

Vocal & Language Skills

  • Not required for completion percentage

Physical & Athletic Skills

  • Not required for completion percentage

Union Status & Availability

  • Willing to work background (Yes OR No)

Special Information

  • Car available for background (Yes OR No)
  • Dog available for background (Yes OR No) Special Skills (Yes OR No)

(Can you tell producers sometimes use our site for background performers?)

Attachments and Links

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Demo Reel (Yes OR No)

The two sections actors seem to be missing the most are their logline (which has a how-to article) and their measurements: ALL TWELVE of their measurements.

Confirm your headshot and resume are showing up
You can do this by looking at your profile page how producers will see it. We also have a how-to article on uploading your headshot and resume in case you run into trouble as well as a how-to article on re-sizing your headshot.

You can always email us if you get stuck and need help troubleshooting, but no, we’re not uploading the files for you.

Submit to the Stonehenge XIV project
Just in case you thought all you needed to do was create your Stonehenge Casting profile and making sure it was complete: NOPE. You need to do more. There’s several thousand actors on Stonehenge Casting, many not in the DC area. While we have had actors travel from afar to audition, we’re not assuming that. That’s why you submit to Stonehenge XIV like you would any other project on Stonehenge Casting. This should be simple, because if you go to the project tab this week, it’s the only one.

Indicate any conflicts or preferences in the “Roles” field
Instead of roles, which is meaningless since you don’t know what the producers are casting, list any conflicts or preferences for your timeslot (auditions run from 10am to 5:45pm with various breaks). If you have no conflicts, put “N/A”

Leave the audition video field blank
Only put something in there if you want to show you can’t follow directions. The producers like to know about those people and we oblige.

Click ‘Submit’ and wait for Lottery Results by Monday, 9/14
You’ll be notified regardless of whether you have a guaranteed slot, standby slot, waitlist, or were not selected. Want to know more about how that works? Check out the exhaustive Stonehenge Auditions Actor FAQ.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see many of you at the Henge!