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Union/Non-union Actors, age 25 to 65, Needed for Training Videos

We are supporting the casting of multiple training videos for a DC-area organization.

These training videos are scheduled to be shot the week of April 22nd and the week of May 6th. Actors are not necessarily needed for all the dates, but check your availability.

Many details are still being worked out, including the exact character breakdowns, but here’s what we know:

They are looking for men and women, age 25 to 65. They especially want to see actors from all races and ethnicities, so we are gathering candidates for their auditions, which will be held on Monday, April 8th in downtown DC.

While we have not received final word on the payscale, both union and non-union actors are welcome to submit. Union actors would most likely be paid under the Corporate/Educational (non-broadcast) contract.

If you’re the type of actor who can tackle corporate jargon and acronyms with ease, please: 

  1. Login to or create your free Stonehenge Casting profile. You do not need a full profile for this casting notice.
  2. Make sure you list any partial or full day conflicts under “Union Status and Availability.” Not all actors will be needed for all dates.
  3. Update your headshot, resume, and video links in necessary under “Attachments and Links.”
  4. Submit to the project 2019-04 | Internal Training Videos by this Tuesday, April 2nd. 

We will also be reaching out to actors individually, especially as we get more information, but remember, submitting your profile to the Stonehenge Casting project is the best way for us not to lose track of you.

Questions (but not headshots and resumes) may be directed to casting at teamjabberwocky dot com.

2019 Stonehenge Auditions Dates Confirmed

Go ahead a pop over to our 2019 information page, but the our dates for this years Stonehenge Auditions are confirmed:


  • Session One: Monday, March 4th (sponsored by WIFV/during their Narrative Directors’ Roundtable)
  • Session Two: Thursday, March 28th (sponsored by WIFV/during their Talent Roundtable)
  • Session Three: Wednesday, April 17th (sponsored by TIVA)

Remember, the partner organizations will be handling the registration for both actors and producers (we still run the lottery, those emails, and the auditions themselves). For actors, as always, there is a cutoff for when you can register and still be considered for the lottery. Check the info page for more details.

Reminders Regarding Online Stonehenge Audition Videos

Summer shooting season is here — and we’ve been hearing from many actors that they’ve been contacted by filmmakers thanks to their audition videos being on the Stonehenge Auditions YouTube channel.

We’re taking this occasion to remind actors about how the videos work.

Stonehenge Audition Videos are Publicly Available
We know it’s probably obvious since they’re on YouTube, but yes, your audition video can be seen by pretty much anyone. It’s public.

Having the videos be publicly available is, in fact, why we’re still doing Stonehenge Auditions. It has served as a resource for the DC-area filmmaking community and beyond. We hear from actors getting contacted not only by local filmmakers, but ones in Richmond, Philadelphia, and New York. While there’s no guarantee any project will be good, bad, or weird, enough actors have contacted us about good projects for us to keep on posting videos.

You May Ask to Update or Remove Your Video at Any Time
As per the video release actors sign when attending Stonehenge Auditions, actors may contact us at any time to remove their video from the YouTube channel.

You can also ask for us to update your contact information listed with the video. We highly recommend you list the email address you use for your professional acting work versus a personal email address. You may also want to list your agent’s email address and phone number, if that’s applicable.

We can usually make these changes within one business day.

Always Research Filmmakers & Production Companies
The barrier to having some sort of online presence is lower than ever, so if you get contacted by producers, look ’em up!

Whether it’s a website for their company, the particular project, or even a reel of their previous work, it can be informative. Even student filmmakers may have online examples of their work.

If anything strikes you as odd or raises a flag, go with your instincts — and always ask questions. In Team J’s Casting Notes series, we have an article specifically about responding to casting notices. The section on researching and asking questions holds true when producers reach out to you as well.

Here’s hoping your summer is productive and creative!

Casting Notice – Multiple Voice Actors Wanted for Neo-Noir Audio Drama

Jabberwocky Audio Theater is looking for multiple voice actors to join our existing company members to record an action-packed, neo-noir mystery this summer for broadcast later this Fall.

The Gambler’s Tale: Outstanding Debts will be a 10-part audio mini-series written and directed by award-winning filmmaker William R. Coughlan and produced by Jabberwocky Audio Theater. Set in Las Vegas in the early 2000s, this tale follows Jimmy Harmon, a young, would-be poker pro as he stumbles into the machinations of a secretive group known as the Quorum.

Some of the characters who appear in this mini-series will reappear in other tales of the Quorum in future seasons, so we’ll be looking for actors we can work with long-term. You can also listen to our other main show, the sci-fi adventure Rogue Tyger, to get an idea of the work Jabberwocky Audio Theater produces.

This mini-series will be recorded at Arlington Independent Media on three separate Sundays in July and August for broadcast on their low-power FM station, WERA, in October. While this show will originate on non-commercial, non-profit radio, actors will receive $75 per recording session.

We are looking to collect all submissions (via Stonehenge Casting) by May 31st in order to schedule auditions at A.I.M. in June.

For further details, submission instructions, and the list of characters, check out the full casting notice on the Jabberwocky Audio Theater web site.

Jabberwocky Audio Theater: Sneak Preview of Rogue Tyger

We are very happy to announce that Jabberwocky Audio Theater, something we’ve been working on for many, many moons, is set to debut on broadcast radio this summer.

Before that happens — and to whet your appetite — we’re sharing the series premiere of our first show, Rogue Tyger, a space opera set thousands of years in the future in a far-flung corner of the galaxy.

The show will be presented in 5-part serial form, with cliffhangers at the end of each episode, but with this little sneak preview, you don’t need to wait a week to find out what happens next, all five episodes are below.


The full show notes for episode 1.

The full show notes for episode 2.

The full show notes for episode 3.

The full show notes for episode 4.

The full show notes for episode 5.

Stonehenge Auditions 2018: Videos Now Online

We’re happy to announce that the audition videos for this year’s Stonehenge Auditions are now online on our YouTube Channel.

They’re joining over 800 other videos on the channel for producers and casting folk to search.

If you’re an actor who gets work from your Stonehenge Audition video or you’re a producer who winds up using someone you first saw at Stonehenge Auditions, please let us know.

Stonehenge Auditions 2018: Session One Lottery Results Sent!

Most of you have checked your email, but for those who haven’t, lottery results for Session One of this year’s Stonehenge Auditions have been sent out.

Over half of the actors with guaranteed or standby slots have not uploaded your headshots and resumes to the Dropbox link provided. Remember, there are no physical headshots or resumes this year, so if you haven’t uploaded your materials by check-in, you will not audition.

Please take a moment to check our formatting requirements and upload your materials.

If you missed this session, good news! This year, we have a second audition session on Thursday, March 29th. Registration closes Monday, March 19th at 1pm.

DeLeon Crossing is Screening in Del Ray this Sunday

Did you miss yesterday’s message to the Team J Mailing List? DeLeon Crossing, our award-winning film from 2007 will be featured as part of new local film series sponsored by Del Ray Films.

The event will be at The Evening Star Café in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria (where most of DeLeon Crossing was filmed). It’s free, starting around 5:30, with films starting at 6pm and a Q & A with the filmmakers (including Team J’s Bjorn Munson) afterwards.

You can find out more information on Del Ray Film’s event page and a Facebook event page.

We hope to see some of you there!

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