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Casting Notice – Multiple Voice Actors Wanted for Neo-Noir Audio Drama

Jabberwocky Audio Theater is looking for multiple voice actors to join our existing company members to record an action-packed, neo-noir mystery this summer for broadcast later this Fall.

The Gambler’s Tale: Outstanding Debts will be a 10-part audio mini-series written and directed by award-winning filmmaker William R. Coughlan and produced by Jabberwocky Audio Theater. Set in Las Vegas in the early 2000s, this tale follows Jimmy Harmon, a young, would-be poker pro as he stumbles into the machinations of a secretive group known as the Quorum.

Some of the characters who appear in this mini-series will reappear in other tales of the Quorum in future seasons, so we’ll be looking for actors we can work with long-term. You can also listen to our other main show, the sci-fi adventure Rogue Tyger, to get an idea of the work Jabberwocky Audio Theater produces.

This mini-series will be recorded at Arlington Independent Media on three separate Sundays in July and August for broadcast on their low-power FM station, WERA, in October. While this show will originate on non-commercial, non-profit radio, actors will receive $75 per recording session.

We are looking to collect all submissions (via Stonehenge Casting) by May 31st in order to schedule auditions at A.I.M. in June.

For further details, submission instructions, and the list of characters, check out the full casting notice on the Jabberwocky Audio Theater web site.

Jabberwocky Audio Theater: Sneak Preview of Rogue Tyger

We are very happy to announce that Jabberwocky Audio Theater, something we’ve been working on for many, many moons, is set to debut on broadcast radio this summer.

Before that happens — and to whet your appetite — we’re sharing the series premiere of our first show, Rogue Tyger, a space opera set thousands of years in the future in a far-flung corner of the galaxy.

The show will be presented in 5-part serial form, with cliffhangers at the end of each episode, but with this little sneak preview, you don’t need to wait a week to find out what happens next, all five episodes are below.


The full show notes for episode 1.

The full show notes for episode 2.

The full show notes for episode 3.

The full show notes for episode 4.

The full show notes for episode 5.

Article on Stonehenge, Casting, & Bjorn

Ty Ford penned a very nice article about Stonehenge, the impact it’s had on the DMV filmmaking community in the latest edition of the TIVA-DC newsletter. It also has some information about approaches to casting in general and Team J CEO, Bjorn Munson.

So, if you haven’t checked out your copy yet, check your mailbox, because TIVA–as you may recall–is sticking to the old school printed newsletter, replete with articles and ads and all that industry goodness.

What’s that, you say? You’re not a member of TIVA? Well, if you’re not in the DMV, that’s understandable, but if you are a filmmaker in these here parts, e-stroll over to their website and check out some of the programs, etc. they offer.

Casting for Rogue Tyger Completed

UPDATE: Rogue Tyger is now on the Internet airwaves.  Check it out at!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their information for Rogue Tyger, Team Jabberwocky’s audio drama series to premiere in 2009.

We had an overwhelming response from actors, and did have lengthy discussions on some of the roles. We are blessed with a wealth of talent in the DC metro area. Actors for both principal and supporting roles have been contacted.

Check back at this blog for further news about Rogue Tyger, Jabberwocky Audio Theater, and other Team J casting.

Happy Holidays!

Casting for Rogue Tyger

UPDATE: Rogue Tyger is now on the Internet airwaves.  Check it out at!

We are happy to announce Team J is casting for Rogue Tyger: an ongoing sci-fi action series. The style is in the spirit of Old Time Radio shows such as Gunsmoke or Escape, but with modern sensibilities and production values. It will be recorded in Springfield, VA and begin podcasting in 2009.

We are currently casting for 11 roles (7 men, 4 women).  Actors will be paid a small stipend. For those interested in character descriptions, show details, and how to submit your resume for consideration, please visit

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