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In Remembrance: Colin Heichman

Posted on 04/28/14 by admin

One of the highlights of running Team J is working with the many talented people who have been part of the team over the years. That makes all the sadder to report that we’ve confirmed Colin Heichman passed away earlier this month on April 15, 2014 Colin’s work for Team J benefitted hundreds of people who […]

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National Film Challenge Here to Scratch Film Competition Itch

Posted on 09/16/11 by admin

For many a local filmmaker, it’s a rub that the 48 Hour Film Project comes but once a year (though we suppose some do Baltimore and Richmond as well). 48HFP realized that and launched the National Film Challenge as an antidote to Fall Film Loss Seasonal Disorder (FFLSD). Now run by some energetic folks out […]

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Tohubohu has a new logo… and a look back at logos past

Posted on 02/16/11 by admin

Many of you know that Team J frequently collaborates with Tohubohu Productions, another DMV production company. While we think their old logo is perfectly snazzy, they’ve decided to redesign their logo entirely for 2011. Check out the new logo along with a retrospective of all the logos that have gone before.

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