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2019 Stonehenge Auditions Dates Confirmed

Posted on 01/21/19 by admin

Go ahead a pop over to our 2019 information page, but the our dates for this years Stonehenge Auditions are confirmed: DATES: Session One: Monday, March 4th (sponsored by WIFV/during their Narrative Directors’ Roundtable) Session Two: Thursday, March 28th (sponsored by WIFV/during their Talent Roundtable) Session Three: Wednesday, April 17th (sponsored by TIVA) Remember, the partner […]

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Reminders Regarding Online Stonehenge Audition Videos

Posted on 06/23/18 by admin

Summer shooting season is here — and we’ve been hearing from many actors that they’ve been contacted by filmmakers thanks to their audition videos being on the Stonehenge Auditions YouTube channel. We’re taking this occasion to remind actors about how the videos work. Stonehenge Audition Videos are Publicly Available We know it’s probably obvious since they’re on […]

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Stonehenge Auditions 2018: Videos Now Online

Posted on 04/17/18 by admin

We’re happy to announce that the audition videos for this year’s Stonehenge Auditions are now online on our YouTube Channel. They’re joining over 800 other videos on the channel for producers and casting folk to search. If you’re an actor who gets work from your Stonehenge Audition video or you’re a producer who winds up […]

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Reminder: Stonehenge Auditions 2018 videos next week!

Posted on 04/11/18 by admin

Thanks to all the actors and filmmakers who attended this year’s Stonehenge Auditions. As a reminder, all the audition videos will be up on our YouTube channel next week.

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Stonehenge Auditions 2018: Session One Lottery Results Sent!

Posted on 02/26/18 by admin

Most of you have checked your email, but for those who haven’t, lottery results for Session One of this year’s Stonehenge Auditions have been sent out. Over half of the actors with guaranteed or standby slots have not uploaded your headshots and resumes to the Dropbox link provided. Remember, there are no physical headshots or […]

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Bjorn Munson Speaking at WIFV Talent Roundtable, 2/26

Posted on 02/11/18 by admin

Head Jabberwock Bjorn Munson will be speaking at this month’s Women in Film & Video (WIFV) Talent Roundtable. WIFV has a series of monthly roundtables, we’re actually holding the Stonehenge Auditions at two of them in March: Session One on March 5th during the Narrative Directors’ Roundtable and Session Two on March 29th for that […]

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Stonehenge Auditions 2018: Registration Open & Format Changes

Posted on 01/24/18 by admin

If you’re signed up to the Team J mailing list, you already know this, but the 2018 Stonehenge Auditions dates are set and registration is open for both producers and actors: Session One: Monday, March 5th, 6:30 – 9:30pm (during WIFV’s Narrative Directors’ Roundtable) Session Two: Thursday, March 29th, 6:30 – 9:30pm (during WIFV’s Talent […]

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Stonehenge Auditions 2017: Videos Online!

Posted on 05/31/17 by admin

We’re pleased to announce that the videos from this year’s Stonehenge Auditions are now online at our YouTube channel. There’s also a 2017 playlist. If you’re an actor, don’t forget to add the video to your Stonehenge Casting profile. If you’re a producer, we now have over 800 audition videos for you to search through.

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How do I Register for Stonehenge Auditions 2017?!?

Posted on 02/13/17 by admin

Stonehenge Auditions 2017 aka the sixteenth edition of the in-person mass auditions for film and video will be in Washington, DC on Monday, March 20th (hint: this link goes to the event information page, including an extensive actor FAQ and producer FAQ). However, if you want to be direct like John Wick, this is the tactical page for […]

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Finding Audition Videos of DC-Area Actors

Posted on 02/02/17 by admin

Casting, more often than not, is on a tight schedule. It’s one of the reasons we here at Team J love developing rosters of talent. But while the concept of rosters is all well and good, you still need tactics for how to find the right actor to call in and audition as fast as […]

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