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Team J Website 3.0 Launched!

We are proud to debut the new, shiny, Web 2.0-friendly version of the Team J website.

This new format makes it much easier for us to update content, add sections, and integrate with our other sites (like Jabberwocky Audio Theater) as well as that them thar social media a few of you appear to use.

For those of you truly interested, this would be version 3.0 of the Team J web site. Version 1.0 premiered in 2005 with the founding of Team Jabberwocky and the conviction that we didn’t want to organize Stonehenge solely by email (as had, incredibly, been the case for Stonehenge I).

Version 2.0 debuted in March 2006 and was designed by Kakupacal. The fun, playful site perfectly captured Team J’s ethos and lasted until May this year, when we used the occasion of discontinuing Stonehenge to take down the main site until now.

We should note that the movement to the new WordPress format does mean that many of the links previously listed in this news blog’s entries will be inaccurate. Some pages have been permanently retired. However, we do hope you all find the new site easy to navigate. Let us know what you think!

Stonehenge has been discontinued

As part of that company reorganization, Team Jabberwocky is discontinuing Stonehenge, its mass casting service connecting actors with filmmakers. Because of this decision, the next Henge originally planned for June of this year has been cancelled and no future Henges are scheduled.

All of us here at at Team J are very happy we have been able to support the local filmmaking community with Stonehenge.

Over the course of thirteen Henges, we have helped hundreds of actors book over a thousand gigs in various projects across the DMV area. Indie filmmakers, production companies–and even fringe festival producers–have found cast members and artistic partners to help tell their stories.

Moving forward, Team J will continue helping actors find TV and film work as well as offering casting support to producers. Our YouTube channel will remain online for the foreseeable future and contains over 470 auditions from past Stonehenges that producers already use to find actors.

We look forward to announcing new services in the future and in the meantime, all the best in all your acting and storytelling endeavors!

Best Regards,

Bjorn Munson
President, Team Jabberwocky

Stonehenge VIII to be in ’09

After two enormously successful Stonehenges so far this year–including one in a new city, Baltimore–we were hoping to finish the year with a third henge in a new location to replace our favorite DC place: the Warehouse Theater.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a comparable place that’s also affordable, so we are postponing Stonehenge VIII until next year. As always, the event will be announced here on the Blog and on the Team J web site. When we know, you’ll know.

Cheers and have a pleasant rest of 2008!

Stonehenge Policy Changes

As many of you know, actor and filmmaker registration for Stonehenge is now open at On May 18th, the mass audition for film and video projects will be in Baltimore, MD.

We’re excited to be expanding to a new city and hope you’ll join us. Mass auditions are the precision skydiving of audition forms: it’s very stressful and we at Team J do our best to make sure it’s a positive experience for actors. Many of us _are_ actors, after all.


This past Stonehenge in March, we had some issues with actors not only not showing (the worst in three years), but also not showing up with the right number of headshots and not having the headshots properly formatted. Then there’s the actors who, upon getting randomly assigned a standby slot in the lottery, felt that being on standby was “insulting” and “not worth” their time.

Clearly it’s time for some tough love.

Over 350 actors registered for the last Stonehenge and we have every expectation that over 300 will register for this one. So if you’re one of the lucky few who gets a guaranteed or standby space, you know these things:

*Number of Headshots*
If you’re registering for this Stonehenge, you plan on having AT LEAST 50 copies of your headshot and resume by May 18th if not already. You know that “at least” means “possibly more.” You remember that you will be given the exact number of headshots/resumes to bring in the confirmation email sent a couple days before the event. You understand that if you do not have the correct number of headshots/resumes upon check-in, YOU WILL NOT AUDITION and the resumes you have brought WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED.

*Format of Headshots*
Headshots and resumes will be either 8″ x 10″ or 8 1/2″ x 11″ – that’s it. They should either be printed on both sides –  or the headshot should be secured to the resume with four neat staples on each of the four corners. You understand that if your headshot/resumes are incorrectly formatted YOU WILL NOT AUDITION and the resumes you have brought WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED.

*Standby Spaces*
You know that many folks with Standby spaces get to audition thanks to cancellations. Sometimes you find out with the confirmation email sent a couple days before the event. Sometimes you find out at the event itself. You know that we won’t begrudge you giving up your slot for any reason. We don’t even need to know the reason, we just want to know you won’t be there.

Why do you know all these things? Because you know that there are over 100 actors cursing the cold randomness of not being selected by the lottery. If you’re not going to be prepared, stand aside so one of your fellow actors can audition.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see many of you in Baltimore!

Team J

P.S. This is just highlighting important policy changes, actors registering should definitely check out the Actor’s FAQ at:

We’re Here! Woo Hoo!

Folks may be more caught up in St. Patrick’s Day festivities–but still, the New Team J site (designed by Kakupacal)
is here and it is stylin’. For those of you looking for, that site will soon be found under “Productions.”
It is indeed a frabjous day.

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