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National Film Challenge Here to Scratch Film Competition Itch

For many a local filmmaker, it’s a rub that the 48 Hour Film Project comes but once a year (though we suppose some do Baltimore and Richmond as well). 48HFP realized that and launched the National Film Challenge as an antidote to Fall Film Loss Seasonal Disorder (FFLSD). Now run by some energetic folks out at KDHX Community Media, this competition is open to everyone, but don’t just take it from us, read the official announcement:

Registration for the National Film Challenge is now open.  If you missed your city’s 48 Hour Film Project this year or just want to recreate the thrill of your weekend, now’s your time to go nuts! The premise is simple: you’ll spend 3 days writing, shooting and editing a short fiction film and we’ll give you a genre, prop, line of dialogue and character to incorporate into your film. At the end of the weekend you’ll walk away with not only a completed film but also a sense of accomplishment and memories to last a lifetime. Your film will go on to be screened by a national panel of judges who will determine a winner. The top 15 Finalist films will be available for viewing on the Film Challenge website. Additionally, the top films will receive cash prizes and go on to screen at the 48 Hour Film Project’s Filmapalooza at the Taos Shortz Film Festival.

Grab your camera and some coffee and get ready; the National Film Challenge is on!

Key Dates

Early Bird Registration: NOW OPEN
Regular Registration Begins: September 23
National Film Challenge Dates: October 21-24, 2011
Full information is available at

Make sure you’re ready for your Media Closeup

Odds are, many of you reading this news blog are actors, filmmakers, or other creative types. And odds are, that if all goes well, your hard work will be rewarded by some coverage by the press. Quinn McDonald has penned an excellent article that serves as checklist to make sure you’re ready to face the media and the wider world. Come on. You’ve worked hard to get your work noticed. Might as well prepare for success.

Keep storytelling — and make every day a frabjous day!

Stonehenge XII Filmmaker Registration Opens

Registration for Stonehenge XII, our Fall henge, is now open for filmmakers. Remember, the price doubles on Friday, September 10th, so register early (it’s also now theoretically possible that we will sell out).

This henge will be on Sunday, September 26 and once again we’ll be at the Creative Alliance’s wonderful venue The Patterson in Baltimore.

If you have a project you’re casting in the next six months or if you’d simply build your roster of actors to call in for projects, please join us.

Actor registration will open Saturday, August 28th.

Stonehenge IX Filmmaker Registration is Open!

If you pop on over to the Registration page, you’ll see that Filmmaker registration is now open for Stonehenge IX, set for September 13th in Baltimore, MD.

Discounts are available for members of the Creative Alliance/CAmm, WIFV (DC), and WIFV-MD.

It’s $25 until Friday, August 28th (or $20 with the discount). After that, the registration fee doubles.

Due to the packed house for Stonehenge VIII, we will be rearranging the seating, however, there is the possibility the seats for filmmakers will fill up, so register early!

Stonehenge Filmmaker Registration Opens! Discounts Added!

Registration is now open for indie filmmakers and related media
companies that want to see over 100 actors audition just one month from
today. In addition, we’re pleased to offer a $5 discount to confirmed
members of the DC Film Salon and participants of the DC 48 Hour Film
Project. Register and prepay via PayPal and it’s only $15!

We’ve also added what will hopefully be the first of several discounted services to help you prepare for Stonehenge. Check out Discounts.

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