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Stonehenge Casting: Update Your Attachments and Links

Posted on 07/15/14 by admin

If you’ve been following the announcements, you know that: We’ve just upgraded Stonehenge Casting to version 0.3, and That means that, if you have an actor/performer profile on the site, you’ll want to make some updates. We’re going page by page in your profile and feature by feature. You can get the full list in the original announcement. If you […]

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Stonehenge Casting How-to: Uploading Headshot and Resume

Posted on 07/18/13 by admin

We know many of you have created profiles at Stonehenge Casting. However, for many of the profiles, we’ve noticed they’re missing the all-important headshot and resume. Simply put: if you don’t have a headshot, casting people will ignore your profile. In case you are one of those actors, here’s a couple tips to help you […]

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Stonehenge Casting: Why You Need to Resize Your Headshot

Posted on 07/15/13 by admin

We’re thrilled that over 1,000 of you all have joined Stonehenge Casting since it launched on April 1st this year… and we fully expect to see some of you in the upcoming season of House of Cards. However, we understand that several actors are having trouble with resizing their headshot. For that, we’ve added a handy […]

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Stonehenge Casting How-to: How to Resize Your Headshot

Posted on 07/15/13 by admin

For Stonehenge Casting, other casting sites, and even responding to casting notices by email, you’ll need to upload or send your headshot. For that, your beautiful original headshot, perhaps 5mb or larger, simply won’t do. Resizing it should be simple (grammar police will point out it probably should be “re-size,” but they seem to have […]

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Bonus Casting Notes (#6a): An Actor’s Casting Submission Checklist

Posted on 09/03/12 by admin

This 20-part series, written by Team J’s Bjorn Munson, covers the lessons learned during the casting of The Broken Continent web series pilot in 2012. You can find the full Table of Contents in Part 1. This series is meant to help other independent filmmakers, primarily those who are casting a large ensemble (10+ speaking parts, multiple background actors, […]

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Stonehenge XI: 45 Headshots Needed, plus Resume notes

Posted on 06/03/10 by admin

We have our biggest turnout in Baltimore yet, so actors should plan on bringing 45 copies of their headshot/resume to Stonehenge this Sunday. Remember, if you don’t have enough headshots, you will not be able to audition. Also, please ensure your headshots are properly formatted. If you haven’t already read the FAQ, please be sure […]

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Filmmaker Registration Closed, Headshot number is 24

Posted on 09/09/09 by admin

Filmmaker registration for Stonehenge IX has closed. Close to 50 filmmakers from about 19 different production companies will be attending. The second confirmation for actors will be sent out tomorrow (Thursday) with adjustments made for cancellations. However, we can tell you already that the “magic” number of headshots is 24. We look forward to seeing […]

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Reminder for Actors attending Stonehenge this Sunday!

Posted on 05/15/08 by admin

All 192 actors are being sent an email Thursday with their audition time and other important information. If you have not received an email by Thursday evening, and do not find it lurking in an overzealous spam filter, shoot us an email at stonehenge*at*teamjabberwocky*dot*com. Two important points noted in the email: 1) You will need […]

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Stonehenge VI (DC, 3/29) Update: 45 Headshots Needed

Posted on 03/27/08 by admin

Important note for all the 192 actors attending Saturday’s Stonehenge. You were told to plan for AT LEAST 40 headshots and now the official number is in. You need 45. We have the biggest turnout yet from filmmakers: 90 folks from 35 companies are ready to see you, so make sure your headshots are in […]

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All Confirmation Messages Sent! Headshot Count is 38.

Posted on 04/05/07 by admin

We’ve been able to send all the second confirmation messages to actors in record time. So expect that message shortly in your inbox, or, if your email program is over-zealous, your spam filter. (If you haven’t gotten an email from us, make sure that stonehenge@teamjabberwocky.com is in your address book or “good list” before you […]

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