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Local Indie Feature Needs Extras in Baltimore this Sunday!

Posted on 07/21/10 by admin

(Posting for a friend, see email below) Ciscovaras Pictures, makers of the indie comedies Boxing Day and Six Nonsmokers, are wrapping up their third feature this weekend! You can learn more about the film, Conquering the Rose, at their website (http://conqueringtherose.com/), They’re finishing the shoot this Sunday with a bang, and they need a bunch […]

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Fellow Filmmaker needs Background Actors

Posted on 08/03/09 by admin

Last year, fellow filmmaker Francis Abbey released a fun indie comedy called “Boxing Day.” He’s following up with his second feature, called “Six Non-Smokers” which starts filming today. You can learn more about it at http://www.6nonsmokers.com/6ns_about.html. This film is bigger than the last one in that they have some crowd scenes next week. The original […]

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