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Stonehenge Casting is back up!

Posted on 08/31/15 by admin

After a lot of hard work, we are pleased to announce that Stonehenge Casting is up and running with on some new, more robust servers. Plus, we’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade the site to version 0.4. We’ll be having a number of posts about the improvements and how the features of particular interest to […]

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The System is Down! (Stonehenge Casting down for planned maintenance)

Posted on 08/28/15 by admin

Howdy, as we mentioned earlier, Stonehenge Casting will be down for some planned maintenance this weekend up until approximately 5pm Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy the song stylings of Strong Bad. (Yes, we are Homestar Runner fans here at Team J). We will post again when the site is back up and running.

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Stonehenge Casting: Site will be down for upgrades this weekend

Posted on 08/25/15 by admin

This weekend, Stonehenge Casting, Team J’s online casting tool, will have a “planned site outage.” That’s how IT folks say, “The website is down, but we know because we took it down.” From roughly 7pm ET this Friday, August 28th until 5pm ET on Sunday, August 30th, you will not be able to access Stonehenge […]

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Stonehenge Casting: Site down for Upgrade to Version 0.3

Posted on 07/12/14 by admin

As previously mentioned here (as well as via Twitter and our Facebook page), Stonehenge Casting is offline starting now, Saturday, July 12th at 11pm until Sunday, July 13th at 11am Eastern in order to upgrade to version o.3. Please do not try and log onto to the site at this time. You will be notified […]

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Stonehenge Casting: Version 0.3 to go Live Sunday, July 13th, at 11am Eastern

Posted on 07/09/14 by admin

We’re happy to announce we’ve completed our testing and the new version of Stonehenge Casting is set to go live on Sunday, July 13th at 11am Eastern. To do that, we’re going to need to take the site down this coming Saturday evening, starting at 11pm. We ask that all of you log off from […]

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Stonehenge Casting is Down for Maintenance until 1am ET

Posted on 03/05/14 by admin

As previously mentioned, our hosting provider is upgrading the Web servers that StonehengeCasting.com is on. It appears they are on schedule and the site will be back online.

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Stonehenge Casting to be down for Maintenance 3/5/2014

Posted on 02/28/14 by admin

We’ve been informed by the company that hosts StonehengeCasting.com that they will be doing some hardware upgrades which include the servers we’re on. That means on Wednesday, March 5th, from 10pm Eastern until Thursday, March 6th at 1am, you can expect the site to be unavailable. We will confirm the start and end of this […]

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Stonehenge Casting: Planned Site Outage for v0.2 Complete

Posted on 04/22/13 by admin

We’re happy to report that version 0.2 of Stonehenge Casting has been successfully completed. Actors and producers are welcome to log back in for all the casting-related enjoyment they can handle. Actors, if you don’t see much changed, that’s because this site update was mainly for the benefit of producers, to be able to search, […]

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Stonehenge Casting: Planned Site Outage on Tuesday, 4/22/13 for Upgrade

Posted on 04/22/13 by admin

As we mentioned previously, we’ve been getting version 0.2 of Stonehenge Casting ready (that’s the new service offered by Team J). Right now, we’re planning to roll out version 0.2 early Tuesday morning, so all users should plan to be logged out of the system from 5am to 7am Eastern. Once the site is back […]

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