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Team J Finishes DeLeon Crossing

Posted on 05/07/07 by admin

We knew it was fate when the genre we drew was fantasy, but no one expected quite the experience we had with the 48 Hour Film Project this past weekend. For those who don’t know, this is a competition where, given a genre, character, line of dialogue, and prop, you must write, shoot, and edit […]

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Team J Enters 48 Hour Fray

Posted on 03/03/07 by admin

This May, Team J will join as many as 100 other filmmaking teams around the nation’s capital conceiving of, writing, shooting, and editing a bona fide short film in 48 hours. Registration opened yesterday, and now it’s official. We’re in.

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Bystander Post-production moves steadily towards completion

Posted on 08/08/06 by admin

With all the pulse-pounding excitement of an Italian neo-realist drama, post-production work on Bystander, Team J’s co-production with Red Baron Creative, continues. We’ve completed further ADR and sound effects recording. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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