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Stonehenge IV Countdown Begins! Filmmaker Registration Opens!

The word is out via listservs, professional forums, and various emails:
filmmaker registration has now opened for Stonehenge IV. The
registration fee goes up after September 16, so register early! We are
pleased to offer registration fee discounts to members of Shooting
People (SP), Women in Film and Video (WIFV), and the DC Film Salon.

Actors have also received word about Stonehenge IV. Now the countdown begins to Sunday, September 17 at 6pm when actor registration opens.

Stonehenge Research Ends. Stonehenge IV Coming Soon!

Thanks to all the actors and filmmakers who responded to Team J’s email
survey, the end of a couple months of research and interviews with
industry folks directly and indirectly involved with Stonehenge. Not
only did we get a great response overall, many people took the time to
give thoughtful answers and suggestions. This has been very valuable
for us in planning for this Stonehenge and for the future and we
appreciate it. Remember, Stonehenge IV will be on Saturday, September
30. Actor registration opens Sunday, September 17 at 6pm, and filmmaker
registration will open before the end of August.

Stonehenge Filmmaker Registration Opens! Discounts Added!

Registration is now open for indie filmmakers and related media
companies that want to see over 100 actors audition just one month from
today. In addition, we’re pleased to offer a $5 discount to confirmed
members of the DC Film Salon and participants of the DC 48 Hour Film
Project. Register and prepay via PayPal and it’s only $15!

We’ve also added what will hopefully be the first of several discounted services to help you prepare for Stonehenge. Check out Discounts.

Stonehenge Actor Registration to Open 8pm, Sunday, 3/26

Stonehenge III, the mass casting project, will occur on Saturday, April
22 from 10am until 5pm at the Warehouse Theater in Washington, DC.
There will be 120 regular audition slots and 72 waitlist slots. To be
as efficient and fair as possible, audition slots are available on a
first-come, first-served basis. To further make the registration fair,
registration will not open until 8pm, Sunday, March 26. In the
meantime, please let any interested actors know.

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