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Stonehenge Casting: Make sure you’re searchable as an actor

Posted on 07/15/14 by admin

If you’ve been following the announcements, you know that: We’ve just upgraded Stonehenge Casting to version 0.3, and That means that, if you have an actor/performer profile on the site, you’ll want to make some updates. We’re going page by page in your profile and feature by feature. You can get the full list in the […]

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Stonehenge Casting How-to: Uploading Headshot and Resume

Posted on 07/18/13 by admin

We know many of you have created profiles at Stonehenge Casting. However, for many of the profiles, we’ve noticed they’re missing the all-important headshot and resume. Simply put: if you don’t have a headshot, casting people will ignore your profile. In case you are one of those actors, here’s a couple tips to help you […]

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Stonehenge Casting How-to: How to Resize Your Headshot

Posted on 07/15/13 by admin

For Stonehenge Casting, other casting sites, and even responding to casting notices by email, you’ll need to upload or send your headshot. For that, your beautiful original headshot, perhaps 5mb or larger, simply won’t do. Resizing it should be simple (grammar police will point out it probably should be “re-size,” but they seem to have […]

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Stonehenge Casting How-to: Making Sure Your Stage Name Shows Up

Posted on 04/30/13 by admin

As mentioned last week, we recently updated to version 0.2 of Stonehenge Casting. It’s updated a number of fields, which is good, but that does mean some of you have your Stage Name blank. Why does this matter? Well, all the actors have their display name as their Stage Name (e.g. Screen Name). This affects […]

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