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Bjorn Munson Speaking at WIFV Talent Roundtable, 2/26

Head Jabberwock Bjorn Munson will be speaking at this month’s Women in Film & Video (WIFV) Talent Roundtable.

WIFV has a series of monthly roundtables, we’re actually holding the Stonehenge Auditions at two of them in March: Session One on March 5th during the Narrative Directors’ Roundtable and Session Two on March 29th for that month’s talent roundtable.

He’ll go over things to keep in mind when doing a mass audition as well as follow-up steps and submitting to casting notices.

For those of you with memories like an elephant, you may remember this sounds similar to a talk he gave in 2016. It is.

But if you didn’t attend two years ago, we hope it will help you as an actor learn more about navigating the indie world. If you’re an actor who’s gotten the lottery results for Session One or are hoping to get an audition slot for Session Two, this should be particularly useful.

The event is free for WIFV members and $10 for non-members. You can learn more and register at their event link.

Stonehenge Lottery Results Sent, Plus Some Reminders

Almost 300 actors registered for slots at our Fall Stonehenge in Baltimore. We were very excited to see so many actors new to Stonehenge registering (and getting audition slots), so in part we want to share a few reminders.

First, everyone who registered received an email telling them whether they had an audition slot or not. If, for some reason, you did not receive an email, please check your spam filter. If you still find nothing, give us a shout at

Secondly–and this is something we’ve found is peculiar to our Charmhenges aka henges in Baltimore–is that our our actors drop off in the afternoon. We’re not about to allow walk-ins, we’d just suggest the existing stand-bys be a bit more patient. Naturally, if all of you follow this advice, some of you still won’t audition, but before you all go into wondering if this is reverse psychology or reverse reverse psychology–we just think you should show up.

That leads to our final point, which is to definitely let us know if you can’t make it. Just shoot a quick email to and let us know you have to cancel. You don’t need to give a reason and actors can and do email us the day of–as emergencies can be sudden.

Remember, if you have a guaranteed space and don’t let us know, you get on the Mud List, which means you don’t get to audition at any Stonehenge for three years. Nowadays, that means missing out on nine (9) Stonehenge, an average of 180 different filmmakers, and an average of 450 roles being cast.

Go for the good karma and send us an email. We’ll see you at a future henge!

Stonehenge XI: 45 Headshots Needed, plus Resume notes

We have our biggest turnout in Baltimore yet, so actors should plan on bringing 45 copies of their headshot/resume to Stonehenge this Sunday.

Remember, if you don’t have enough headshots, you will not be able to audition. Also, please ensure your headshots are properly formatted. If you haven’t already read the FAQ, please be sure to before Sunday.

The Production Companies include (full details here):
Avenue Studios
Benedictionproductions, LLC
Dark Matter Films, LLC
The Edge Design Group
4 Sight Pictures
Grasshopper Philms
Heron Media
Herron Designs
Indigo Blue Studio
Kimberly Skyrme Casting
Many American Productions, LLC
Mesaper Productions
Midnight Crew Studios
Obscure Reference
OxRock Productions
The Potomac Group Intl
Rising Phoenix Productions
Root Down Productions
Running Storm Productions
Steel Corset Productions
Team Jabberwocky
Tohubohu Productions
Trapp Door Productions
Traveste Productions
Unfinished Productions
Waganer Digital Video

47 Resumes Required for Stonehenge

Remember how we said this was the biggest Stonehenge ever? Remember how we constantly say plan on at least 50 resumes? Well, it turns out this time you need 47. Remember, you need that number of resumes properly formatted or you DON’T AUDITION. See the actor’s FAQ for details.

Last notes for Stonehenge Actors before Sunday

Emails to all 192 actors for Stonehenge were sent Thursday morning, the number of headshots/resumes you need to bring is 24, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday in Baltimore.

However, we know things come up at the last minute (inclduing paying gigs) and some actors will not be able to make it. If you can’t make it–for any reason–please send us a quick email at

For anyone with a guaranteed slot, this a must. Otherwise, as listed on the website, those actors who don’t show–and don’t let us know–won’t get to audition for three years’ worth of henges. Most actors, including those with standby slots, opt to go for the good karma and shoot us an email at It usually gives someone on the waitlist a chance and also makes the event run smoother, so why not?

Finally, we’re happy to remind actors we will once again be taping auditions for Stonehenge and posting them on our YouTube channel (cunningly located at The collected auditions have gotten over 30,000 views and we have a growing list of local production companies as subscribers. Details about the free service and release are at

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the Henge!

Lottery Results Emailed!

Over 280 actors registered for Stonehenge IX over the past two weeks. We conducted our lottery earlier today and have now sent out emails to everyone who registered.

Just to reiterate: if you registered for Stonehenge, you have been sent an email, whether or not you got a slot.

If for some reason you have not received an email–and with spam filters, that is a possibility–send us an email at

Remember, that if you cannot attend for whatever reason, please shoot us a quick email to cancel your slot. There’s several people on the waitlist that would love to audition.

For those of you who were not selected, the next Stonehenge will be in late March/Early April 2010–and we’ll be returning to Washington, DC, so hopefully we’ll see you there!

Reminder for Actors attending Stonehenge this Sunday!

All 192 actors are being sent an email Thursday with their audition time and other important information.

If you have not received an email by Thursday evening, and do not find it lurking in an overzealous spam filter, shoot us an email at stonehenge*at*teamjabberwocky*dot*com.

Two important points noted in the email:

1) You will need 21 copies of your headshot and resume, properly formatted.

2) If you want us to tape you, you need to sign the video release.
(Release is at: Explanation is at:

For all other questions, check the Actor FAQ at:

Thanks and see you Sunday!

Stonehenge Policy Changes

As many of you know, actor and filmmaker registration for Stonehenge is now open at On May 18th, the mass audition for film and video projects will be in Baltimore, MD.

We’re excited to be expanding to a new city and hope you’ll join us. Mass auditions are the precision skydiving of audition forms: it’s very stressful and we at Team J do our best to make sure it’s a positive experience for actors. Many of us _are_ actors, after all.


This past Stonehenge in March, we had some issues with actors not only not showing (the worst in three years), but also not showing up with the right number of headshots and not having the headshots properly formatted. Then there’s the actors who, upon getting randomly assigned a standby slot in the lottery, felt that being on standby was “insulting” and “not worth” their time.

Clearly it’s time for some tough love.

Over 350 actors registered for the last Stonehenge and we have every expectation that over 300 will register for this one. So if you’re one of the lucky few who gets a guaranteed or standby space, you know these things:

*Number of Headshots*
If you’re registering for this Stonehenge, you plan on having AT LEAST 50 copies of your headshot and resume by May 18th if not already. You know that “at least” means “possibly more.” You remember that you will be given the exact number of headshots/resumes to bring in the confirmation email sent a couple days before the event. You understand that if you do not have the correct number of headshots/resumes upon check-in, YOU WILL NOT AUDITION and the resumes you have brought WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED.

*Format of Headshots*
Headshots and resumes will be either 8″ x 10″ or 8 1/2″ x 11″ – that’s it. They should either be printed on both sides –  or the headshot should be secured to the resume with four neat staples on each of the four corners. You understand that if your headshot/resumes are incorrectly formatted YOU WILL NOT AUDITION and the resumes you have brought WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED.

*Standby Spaces*
You know that many folks with Standby spaces get to audition thanks to cancellations. Sometimes you find out with the confirmation email sent a couple days before the event. Sometimes you find out at the event itself. You know that we won’t begrudge you giving up your slot for any reason. We don’t even need to know the reason, we just want to know you won’t be there.

Why do you know all these things? Because you know that there are over 100 actors cursing the cold randomness of not being selected by the lottery. If you’re not going to be prepared, stand aside so one of your fellow actors can audition.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see many of you in Baltimore!

Team J

P.S. This is just highlighting important policy changes, actors registering should definitely check out the Actor’s FAQ at:

Stonehenge VI (DC, 3/29) Update: 45 Headshots Needed

Important note for all the 192 actors attending Saturday’s Stonehenge. You were told to plan for AT LEAST 40 headshots and now the official number is in.

You need 45.

We have the biggest turnout yet from filmmakers: 90 folks from 35 companies are ready to see you, so make sure your headshots are in order.

That means you’ve counted out 45 headshots before you check in and they are printed on both sides of one sheet or the two sheets are securely stapled in each of the four corners.

For more on headshots, visit the FAQ topic.

And don’t forget about the video release (we have a FAQ about it as well). Upon check-in, we will be asked for that if you’re opting-in to be taped.

Stonehenge Mass Auditions: Deadline, Updates, & YouTube

We’re less than a week away from what will be one of our biggest henges yet, so we want to make everyone aware of an important deadline, an important URL for Stonehenge updates, and an important add-on service.

Over 60 filmmakers from 25 different companies will be watching over 100 actors audition this Saturday. If you’re a filmmaker looking for actors and want to joint us, time–and seats–are running out.

Filmmaker registration closes this Wednesday, March 26 at 6:00PM. There are no walk-ins. Visit for information about the event and the registration form.

(Incidentally as a reminder to actors, we have already sent emails to all 352 actors who registered letting them know whether or not they have a space. If that email got caught in a spam filter or was deleted by your evil twin, we have no way of knowing. So if you registered, but haven’t seen an email, feel free to check with us at

To provide timely information, Team J will once again be updating its news blog at with important updates like this announcement and other useful tidbits like how to prepare your headshots and why checking in 15 minutes before your timeslot is vital.

Thanks to our sponsor, Red Lightning Software, we will be able to videotape the auditions of all actors who want to opt-in and upload them to a new Stonehenge Auditions channel on YouTube (we trust you’ve heard of the site).

This is an added free service in addition to the audition. To allow us to tape you, you must read and sign a release we have online at:
If you have questions, please check the FAQ entry at:

If you do not want to be taped, no worries, just focus on the audition. However, if you do want to be taped, it is very important that you read the release carefully and sign it BEFORE you check-in because we will be collecting releases and noting who will be taped AT THAT TIME.

As always, filmmakers and actors will receive a second confirmation email March 27 or 28 with information about the audition.


Stonehenge VI is a production of Team Jabberwocky in association with Integral Arts and Tohubohu Productions.

Stonehenge VI is sponsored by Red Lightning Software.

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