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Stonehenge VI (DC, 3/29) Actor Lottery Results Emailed

352 actors registered for the lottery in hopes of getting a slot at the next Stonehenge. There are only 192 spaces–so a little more than half of you should now be polishing up your monologues.

Actors with a guaranteed or standby space were sent an individual email. Actors on the waitlist or who were not selected will be sent a general email. If you need more information about the four different statuses, check the FAQ.

Because “Lottery Results” is a phrase unfortunately sometimes used in the subject lines of spam emails, look for “Stonehenge VI Actor Selection” in the subject line.

Remember this is a lottery–actors’ names were drawn at random from the pool of 352 and assigned slots in the order they were drawn. Actors were placed in timeslots if there was space available. If guaranteed space was not available, actors were given the closest available timelot so long as it did not conflict with stated restrictions. After that, all the standby spaces filled up.

If you are unable to attend during your timeslot, please let us know as soon as possible at We’re happy to move you to a new timeslot, but that will mean being on standby for that new timeslot as all available spaces are filled.

As will be mentioned in your email, actors MUST arrive 15 minutes before their assigned timeslot for check-in or they forfeit their space. Plan on bringing AT LEAST 40 headshots/resumes. The exact number will be sent a day or two before the event.

Check back as this blog for regular updates.


Stonehenge VI is a production of Team Jabberwocky in association with Integral Arts and Tohubohu Productions.

All Confirmation Messages Sent! Headshot Count is 38.

We’ve been able to send all the second confirmation messages to actors in record time. So expect that message shortly in your inbox, or, if your email program is over-zealous, your spam filter.

(If you haven’t gotten an email from us, make sure that is in your address book or “good list” before you send us a message.)

Actors, make sure you leave home with no less than 38 headshots. Please make sure to hand us the correct count upon check-in and ensure that they are securely stapled or otherwise attached to your resume. We don’t have office supplies for you to borrow.

If you have the time, you may want to right “Stonehenge 04/07” in a small corner of your resume to help filmmakers remember where they saw you.

Actors: Reminders for this Saturday’s Stonehenge

Note: All of this is covered on some level in the Actor FAQ, which is on the website.

This does not replace the second confirmation email you will receive at the end of this week.

#1: Let us Know if you Won’t Show.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday, however, statistically speaking, we won’t.

Many of you won’t show up.

We understand there are numerous reasons why you may not be able to make it to the audition this Saturday and that’s fine. In fact, we hope it’s for some great reason like you’ve got a paid gig somewhere. The key thing is, whether you have a guaranteed space or a standby space, let us know if you won’t show. A quick email to and you make another actor’s day.

Remember, if you have a guaranteed space, do not show up and DO NOT CANCEL, you will be on our mud list. That means you don’t
get to audition at any Stonehenge for at least the next three years. If you
have a standby space, we still want to know if you have to cancel. We will make a note of it if you do not show and don’t let us know. Over 500 actors tried to sign up for 192 spaces. If you’re not going to use your space, let us know.

#2: It’s okay to be late

There’s any number of good reasons why you might be late. The Metro may be swamped with people off to see the cherry blossoms. Parking may be abysmal. We want you there in one piece ready to audition. Don’t stress about things you can’t control.

Mind you, it’s not great to be late. First off, you’ve lost your space. You need to be there fifteen minutes before your audition time. That’s when we call that audition time. If you’re not there at the check-in desk when we call, odds are you’ve lost your space. We don’t judge, we just move on.

If you are late, we will try and fit you into a standby space and, at the very least, distribute your headshots and resumes. However, it’s best not to be late.

#3: Have the right number of headshots

You will get the exact number of headshots/resumes needed in the second
confirmation email later this week. The number will also be listed on the Team J blog (this blog) around that same time.

Make sure you’ve counted your headshots beforehand so you’re handing us the correct number. Extras usually find their way to the trash.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to seeing you Saturday.

Stonehenge III this Saturday! Tuesday Actor Session Cancelled.

In less than five days, over 100 actors will audition in front of over
40 local filmmakers and media producers. It’s Stonehenge III!
Unfortunately, the session—tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 4/18—for
actors to hear from local filmmakers about what they’re looking for in
auditions has been cancelled. We hope to bring it back for Stonehenge

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