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Stonehenge XIV: Thank you!

Posted on 10/12/15 by admin

With a new venue, new technology, and not having done the in-person auditions in over four years, we have to admit we were a bit nervous about bringing the in-person Stonehenge Auditions back. But we’re happy to report the feedback has been tremendously positive — enough so we’ll probably do it again next year, especially if […]

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Stonehenge XIII: Thanks!

Posted on 04/18/11 by admin

Stonehenge XIII was our biggest Henge ever! We slept in. Thanks to everyone who attended Stonehenge yesterday… and an extra big thanks to the Team during the event: Andy, Ann, Bill, Bjorn, Brooks, Colin, Gale, John, Lee, Lisa, Marzi, Meredith, Nick, Phil, Rita, Richard, Roberto, Samantha, and Tac. Pre-event help was provided by Anya, Kim, […]

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Stonehenge VIII Completed

Posted on 06/01/09 by admin

Thanks to all the actors and filmmakers who attended the latest edition of Stonehenge this Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland. We had over 60 filmmakers in attendance representing over 20 production companies. Thanks to all the conscientious actors who, unable to attend, sent us a quick email canceling their slots. We were able to give every […]

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Stonehenge 5 Wrap-Up

Posted on 04/11/07 by admin

Stonehenge V marked our third time at the Warehouse Theater. 120 actors were seen by over 50 filmmakers representing over two dozen companies. As with all henges, this came about thanks to the help of a great many people whom we would like to thank here: Thanks to Vanessa Hranitz of IT Girl for database […]

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Stonehenge IV Proves to be the Biggest Henge Yet

Posted on 10/02/06 by admin

This past Saturday, approximately 30 assorted filmmakers, production companies and casting professionals collected over 130 headshots and resumes from eager actors with 122 having a chance to audition. We’ve already learned of dozens of actors getting calls for potential projects. We also have a new “speed” record for an actor getting a job out of […]

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Stonehenge III has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Posted on 04/24/06 by admin

Over 100 actors were seen by a record number of local filmmakers (45+) for our debut henge at the Warehouse Theater. We’ve already heard from several actors who’ve gotten several calls and hope to see many of them in the upcoming 48 Hour Film Project. Thanks to all the actors and filmmakers who attended. In […]

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