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Stonehenge XIV: Thank you!

With a new venue, new technology, and not having done the in-person auditions in over four years, we have to admit we were a bit nervous about bringing the in-person Stonehenge Auditions back.

But we’re happy to report the feedback has been tremendously positive — enough so we’ll probably do it again next year, especially if we have the same support team we had this time. And yes, making the event seem this smooth takes a lot of people.

We have to thank Women in Film and Video (WIFV), specifically Melissa Houghton and Ariel Magno, for helping with both the venue and registration. (On the venue front, we were made very welcome at Source Theatre thanks to Jennifer Osborn and Gordon Nimmo-Smith).

Jeanette and Meredith were the dynamic duo checking actors in with Ariel of WIFV checking in producers (Beforehand, Maurice, Sonja, and Jimi were helping with Stonehenge Casting registration). Phil, Richard, Gale, and Brooks were your resume wranglers. Inside the theater, operations were handled by Bill, Francis, and Kelley of Tohubohu Productions, Ciscovaras Pictures, and Cavegirl Productions respectively — with Bjorn as the timer.

As mentioned at the event, we aim to post the audition videos on our YouTube channel by the end of the month.

And finally, thanks to all the actors and producers who joined us at the Henge!




Stonehenge XIII: Thanks!

Stonehenge XIII was our biggest Henge ever! We slept in.

Thanks to everyone who attended Stonehenge yesterday… and an extra big thanks to the Team during the event: Andy, Ann, Bill, Bjorn, Brooks, Colin, Gale, John, Lee, Lisa, Marzi, Meredith, Nick, Phil, Rita, Richard, Roberto, Samantha, and Tac. Pre-event help was provided by Anya, Kim, and Micha–and of course thanks to Alexis and everyone at CDIA for letting us hold the event in their space!

Stonehenge VIII Completed

Thanks to all the actors and filmmakers who attended the latest edition of Stonehenge this Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland.

We had over 60 filmmakers in attendance representing over 20 production companies.

Thanks to all the conscientious actors who, unable to attend, sent us a quick email canceling their slots. We were able to give every single actor on the waitlist an audition slot, and every actor who came on Sunday, standby or no, was able to audition if they wanted (and, of course, 99% wanted to audition).

As always, the event was thanks to the work of a great many people. Kristen Anchor and the Creative Alliance team helped us out in myriad ways both before and during the event. Bill Coughlan from Tohubohu Productions helped out with graphics. Barry Gribble and Erin Goldstein from Integral Arts handled the camerawork. They will also be editing the 50+ audition videos that will be posted to our Stonehenge YouTube Channel at the end of the month.

Actors have Kim Davenport and Meredith Sims to thank for checking them in and Donald Barnett, Gabrielle Hayes, Lisa MacDonald, Gale Nemec, Lee Perna, and Ann Rowe for distributing their resumes. The guy with the stopwatch was Bjorn Munson.

Most of all, thanks to all you actors coming out to audition and filmmakers joining us. Please let us know about future productions you may have been involved in thanks to Stonehenge. We hope to see many of you in the Fall for Stonehenge IX.

Stonehenge 5 Wrap-Up

Stonehenge V marked our third time at the Warehouse Theater. 120 actors were seen by over 50 filmmakers representing over two dozen companies.

As with all henges, this came about thanks to the help of a great many people whom we would like to thank here:

Thanks to Vanessa Hranitz of IT Girl for database programming as well as Sam Brown, Sean Clark, Daniel Fiorito, Lee Perna, Tricia McCauley, Barry Schmetter, Meredith Sims, Liz Smith, Jackie Steven, and Mary Ann Sust for testing the new database. Roy Quini also did a new version of the Stonehenge logo.

Kelley Slagle and the nice folks at the Actor’s Center helped spread the word and help find volunteers as did Barry Gribble and Integral Arts. We also thank the help of WIFV, ITVA-DC, and the 48 Hour Film Project for putting the word out about the event.

The steadfast check-in crew consisted of Kim Davenport, Meredith Sims, and Andy Spivey. They were assisted by some wonderful resume wranglers: Francis Abbey, Betty Entzminger, Susan Franks, Loren Hankin, Joy Haynes, Barbara McLeod, Sophia Medley, Gale Nemec, and Chinyere Walker. Barry Gribble and Kevin Good of Integral Arts were on camera, and the guy with the stopwatch was Bjorn Munson.

We are still working out the dates for the next Stonehenge, but please check this blog for the latest updates. Thank you.

Stonehenge IV Proves to be the Biggest Henge Yet

This past Saturday, approximately 30 assorted filmmakers, production companies and casting professionals collected over 130 headshots and resumes from eager actors with 122 having a chance to audition. We’ve already learned of dozens of actors getting calls for potential projects. We also have a new “speed” record for an actor getting a job out of Stonehenge. One gentleman was called in for voiceover work on Sunday—less than 24 hours after he auditioned!

As always, Stonehenge was successful thanks to a very hardworking Team J:
Sean Clark, Heather Cormeau, Kim Davenport, Hugo del Granado, Meredith
Sims, and Andy Spivey were the main event crew, with Barry Schmetter of
Lost Pilgrim Productions on camera. Vanessa Hranitz and Neil Sorenson
helped on the web side of things with Roy Quini and Kakupacal again
tweaking and redesigning graphics. The event was produced by Bjorn
Munson of Team J, who also served as stage manager for the day.
Finally, thanks to our sponsor: the DC Film Alliance.

Stonehenge III has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Over 100 actors were seen by a record number of local filmmakers (45+)
for our debut henge at the Warehouse Theater. We’ve already heard from
several actors who’ve gotten several calls and hope to see many of them
in the upcoming 48 Hour Film Project. Thanks to all the actors and
filmmakers who attended.

In addition, we would like to note the Team J staff who helped keep the
event running smoothly: Julianne Brienza, Vanessa Hranitz, Brian Robert
Fricke, Peggy Long, Brenda Madrigal, Meredith Sims, Andy Spivey, and
stage managed by Bjorn Munson. Equipment was provided by Flashpoint,
Washington Improv Theatre, and Arlington Independent Media. Barry
Schmetter and Caron Lee of Lost Pilgrim Productions served as our video
team, Roy Quini designed another fun iteration of the “Stonehenge” logo
and the whole event was sponsored by the DC Film Salon.

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