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DeLeon Crossing wins TIVA Peer Awards!

This year, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the 48 Hour Film Project, local industry group TIVA gave 48 founder Mark Ruppert a special award–and also added a special one-time 48 series of categories for their annual Peer Awards.

Well, being very proud of our little short, DeLeon Crossing, so we jumped at the chance for it to get some extra recognition.

And it did!

DeLeon won three awards in all:

  • Gale Nemec won a Silver Award for her acting.
  • Tim Munson won a Silver Award for his writing.
  • and Bjorn Munson won a Bronze Award for his directing.

In addition to, Bjorn Munson joined in a Silver win in the “Best Overall 48” category for his role in producing Tohubohu Productions’ 2005 short “Quite Contrary.”

Congratulations to all the winners. Here’s hoping Team J gets a chance at the Peer Awards again soon!

National Film Challenge Completed!

The National Film Challenge (NFC), a similar competion to the 48 Hour
Film Project, happened this weekend. Once again, Team J’s Bjorn Munson
worked with Tohubohu Productions—this
time in the capacity of executive producer. The genre was sci-fi (at
last!, at last!), and the film (soon to be available online) is right
in line with the political season as a campaign appearance by an
up-and-comer takes a turn for the weird—sci-fi style.

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