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Stonehenge Auditions 2018: Videos Now Online

We’re happy to announce that the audition videos for this year’s Stonehenge Auditions are now online on our YouTube Channel.

They’re joining over 800 other videos on the channel for producers and casting folk to search.

If you’re an actor who gets work from your Stonehenge Audition video or you’re a producer who winds up using someone you first saw at Stonehenge Auditions, please let us know.

And by the way, Stonehenge 9 videos added

Unless you were one of the actors who got videotaped, one of the filmmakers who attended, or one of our growing list of YouTube subscribers, you probably didn’t know the Stonehenge 9 videos have been added to our YouTube channel:

Clever name, huh?

We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention that the all the videos have been viewed over 37,000 times, with over 5,000 visits to the channel itself. Not heady numbers if we were trying to be a viral phenomenon, but good for casting purposes. Now the folks from September’s Stonehenge 9 are part of that mix.

Kudos again to all the actors who came out. Here’s hoping you’re getting gigs.

Stonehenge VIII Videos Uploaded!

For all of you waiting to see the videos from Stonehenge VIII, wait no longer, click on over to our Stonehenge channel on YouTube and enjoy 50+ 1-minute chunks of drama and comedy.

The 100+ videos uploaded by last year’s Stonehenges were viewed over 22,000 times. Yes, if more monologues had fart jokes, it might have been in the millions, but still, we think that’s a great viewing for regional casting. We hope it aids all the actors in getting more gigs.

All the actors who opted to be taped have now received an email from us letting them know the details–as have all the filmmakers who attended Stonehenge VIII.

Registration for Stonehenge IX will open for both actors and filmmakers before you know it, in August.

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