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And by the way, Stonehenge 9 videos added

Unless you were one of the actors who got videotaped, one of the filmmakers who attended, or one of our growing list of YouTube subscribers, you probably didn’t know the Stonehenge 9 videos have been added to our YouTube channel:

Clever name, huh?

We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention that the all the videos have been viewed over 37,000 times, with over 5,000 visits to the channel itself. Not heady numbers if we were trying to be a viral phenomenon, but good for casting purposes. Now the folks from September’s Stonehenge 9 are part of that mix.

Kudos again to all the actors who came out. Here’s hoping you’re getting gigs.

Stonehenge VIII Videos Uploaded!

For all of you waiting to see the videos from Stonehenge VIII, wait no longer, click on over to our Stonehenge channel on YouTube and enjoy 50+ 1-minute chunks of drama and comedy.

The 100+ videos uploaded by last year’s Stonehenges were viewed over 22,000 times. Yes, if more monologues had fart jokes, it might have been in the millions, but still, we think that’s a great viewing for regional casting. We hope it aids all the actors in getting more gigs.

All the actors who opted to be taped have now received an email from us letting them know the details–as have all the filmmakers who attended Stonehenge VIII.

Registration for Stonehenge IX will open for both actors and filmmakers before you know it, in August.

Stonehenge Mass Auditions: Deadline, Updates, & YouTube

We’re less than a week away from what will be one of our biggest henges yet, so we want to make everyone aware of an important deadline, an important URL for Stonehenge updates, and an important add-on service.

Over 60 filmmakers from 25 different companies will be watching over 100 actors audition this Saturday. If you’re a filmmaker looking for actors and want to joint us, time–and seats–are running out.

Filmmaker registration closes this Wednesday, March 26 at 6:00PM. There are no walk-ins. Visit for information about the event and the registration form.

(Incidentally as a reminder to actors, we have already sent emails to all 352 actors who registered letting them know whether or not they have a space. If that email got caught in a spam filter or was deleted by your evil twin, we have no way of knowing. So if you registered, but haven’t seen an email, feel free to check with us at

To provide timely information, Team J will once again be updating its news blog at with important updates like this announcement and other useful tidbits like how to prepare your headshots and why checking in 15 minutes before your timeslot is vital.

Thanks to our sponsor, Red Lightning Software, we will be able to videotape the auditions of all actors who want to opt-in and upload them to a new Stonehenge Auditions channel on YouTube (we trust you’ve heard of the site).

This is an added free service in addition to the audition. To allow us to tape you, you must read and sign a release we have online at:
If you have questions, please check the FAQ entry at:

If you do not want to be taped, no worries, just focus on the audition. However, if you do want to be taped, it is very important that you read the release carefully and sign it BEFORE you check-in because we will be collecting releases and noting who will be taped AT THAT TIME.

As always, filmmakers and actors will receive a second confirmation email March 27 or 28 with information about the audition.


Stonehenge VI is a production of Team Jabberwocky in association with Integral Arts and Tohubohu Productions.

Stonehenge VI is sponsored by Red Lightning Software.

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