Probably Team J’s best known program, Stonehenge has grown beyond just a one-day event into Henge activities throughout the year, including an online casting service you can use 24/7/365! Learn more about all of them here, including:

Stonehenge Casting: Just launched in Spring 2013, think of Stonehenge Casting as an online version of the Stonehenge Auditions where producers can collect and manage actor submissions for their various projects.

Stonehenge Auditions: The aforementioned one-day “speed-casting” event. This section includes information on all Stonehenges past and present as well as exhaustive actor and producer FAQs.

The Pre-Henge: Before a Stonehenge Audition — ¬†or any casting session — this series of seminars and services is designed to help both actors and producers make the most out of their auditions.

Casting Services: Team J has helped other companies do their casting. More about what we offer is located here.

See you at the Henge!